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The following Companies and Organizations are supported by the Toledo Trucking Association. Click on the logo to be redirected to the company or organization's website. Below are links to videos that represent some of the best in our industry. The last two videos are critically important as they explain how important it is to "Share the Road" with truck drivers safely. It is just important that our drivers make it home alive and safe as it is that strangers that we do not know make it home alive and safe as well. 75% of truck-car fatalities are caused by the car driver. If we can reduce that number in half by educating people how to "Share the Road" then we are doing our jobs. Please share this with everyone you know that drives a car or has young teenagers getting ready to drive. Thank you in advance.

Trucking Moves America Forward
Share the Road Program
America's Road Team
Share the Road Instructional Video


Industrial Links

V & A Risk Services

Ohio Trucking Association

American Trucking Association
Ohio Transportation

Ohio Department of Transportation

Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments

Ohio State Highway Patrol

Ohio Commercial Online Registration System

The Roemer Report
The Information Digest for Management & Decision Making

April 5, 2018
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May 3, 2018
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